Canadian-Grand -Prix-2023

The F1 World is heating up with the Canadian Grand Prix 2023 race being held today. With the Canadian Grand Prix 2023 being very important for the Constructor’s Standings, every racer will look to solidify their position. We take a look at who will win the Battle of Supremacy in Canada.

Red Bull: Favorites To Win The Battle of Supremacy?

Red Bull is a team which has shown its power on the track in every single race. Max Verstappen has managed to finish on the podium in every race in the season so far and he will be starting from the first row after finishing on pole position in qualifying..He would like to strengthen his position in the driver’s standings in the Canadian Grand Prix 2023. 

Sergio Perez, who had an average qualifying, will start twelfth. He is the just behind his partner, Max in the driver’s ranking and will be eager to come close to his teammate. 

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Ferrari: Another Disappointment Loading? 

Ferrari had a poor season so far but will it continue in the Canadian Grand Prix 2023. It’s a question that only time will tell. Carlos Sainz faces three place penalty which means that he will start the race from 11th position just ahead of Perez. 

Charles Leclerc also had an average qualifying session as he will start the race ahead of his teammate, Carlos Sainz. Fans think that he will finish on the podium but that looks almost impossible as he will be starting too far away from the top three positions. All I hope, that Ferrari do not provide another disappointing performance in Canadian Grand Prix 2023. . 

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Mercedes: To Start On Second Row? 

After both Mercedes driver finishing second and third in the previous race, they would be looking to challenge Max Verstappen in the Canadian Grand Prix 2023. After a successful qualifying session for Mercedes their start in the second row with Lewis Hamilton starting on 3rd position and George Russell on 4th.

Lewis Hamilton has made a contract with Mercedes to continue with the British team for the next 5 years but the official confirmation will come soon. Can they challenge the Red Bull driver and finish on the podium. They are the favourite to win in Canada. 

Aston Martin: Will Fernando Alonso do it again? 

Fernando Alonso is once again expected to finish on the podium as he will start on the front row with Max Verstappen in the Canadian Grand Prix 2023. Can he overtake Perez in the driver’s standings? We will find out soon. 

Lance Stroll like Sainz and Tsunoda will also face a three-place penalty and will start in the 16 position. 

It’s gonna be a spectacular race and you possibly cannot miss it. 

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