Pakistan’s national game of hockey has made its way back to the country as the International Federation of Hockey (FIH) has granted hosting rights for Paris 2024 hockey qualifiers. China and Spain will offer a stage for the qualifying matches alongside Pakistan. The last time the country hosted hockey qualifiers was in 2004. Let’s take a look at what the event will look like and when it will take place. 

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Paris 2024 Hockey Qualifiers 

When and Where

The contest to make it to Paris will happen from the 13th to the 21st of January 2024. Both men’s and women’s hockey teams will participate in the contest. China (Changzhou) and Spain (Valencia) will host one women’s tournament each. On the other hand, Pakistan (Lahore) and Spain (Valencia) will conduct one tournament each for men’s teams. Each tournament will see eight teams with a total of 16 teams per gender.

The Participating Nations 

For the Paris 2024 hockey qualifiers a quota system has been set for five continents and a total of 16 teams will emerge from them

ContinentsMen’s Participating TeamsWomen’s Participating Teams
Africa 10
Asia 54
Pan America23

How the quota will be filled will depend upon the results and performance at the Continental Championship scheduled to take place in 2023. This championship comprises of African Hockey Road to Paris, Pan American Games, Asian Games, EuroHockey Championship, and Oceania Cup.

The top three teams from the four scheduled tournaments each will make it to the Paris Olympics 2024. There they will join hosts France and the winners from the aforementioned continental championship games. A total of 12 teams per gender will make it to the 2024 Olympics for the hockey games as has been the case since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

“It’s an Honor to get hosting rights”  

The secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Mr. Haider Hussain expressed his happiness at being granted the hosting rights for the Paris 2024 hockey qualifiers. The Green and White Flag last conducted the hockey World Cup in 1990.

“It’s an honor for us to get the hosting rights of an international event. After 1990’s Hockey World Cup, we are going to host an international event which will have eight teams. I hope the excitement and curiosity would be the same as it were back then.”

As far as the Pakistan hockey team is concerned, it will play the upcoming Asian Games from 23rd September to 8th October this year. If they manage to win a gold medal, they will directly qualify for the Olympics and will not be required to play in the qualifiers. 

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