The F1 World is back to its epic ways. With the Britain Grand Prix 2023 coming to a close, we say many shocks and surprises. We saw a number of battles with the most important one being Lando Norris vs Lewis Hamilton and Lance Stroll vs Pierre Gasly. Let us recap the events which took place in Silverstone. 

Max Verstappen: The Unstoppable 

Max Verstappen once again showed who’s the boss of the track, grabbing his sixth consecutive pole. Verstappen won the race with absolutely no difficulty and rather led the epic race most of the time. Lando Norris somehow managed to overtake the Red Bull driver but he regained his 1st position just a few laps after. After that, the whole race was lonely for the Red Bull driver with a big margin between him and Norris. This win for Max Verstappen also allowed Red Bull to equal the record of McLaren for the most consecutive race wins. 

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Lando Norris: Hard Work Pays Off 

Lando Norris somehow managed to finish in 2nd position in his home race. It was an insane and epic battle between the 2nd and 3rd place. Even though Norris had a very poor car when compared to Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari he still managed to defend and maintain his position on the podium just behind Max Verstappen. The Belgian-English driver won the Battle with Hamilton who tried to overtake the McLaren driver more than twice and the margin between Norris and Hamilton was almost nothing all over the race. He still admits that he made a lot of mistakes in the race but holding off Hamilton was amazing. It was tough to hold the legendary driver behind him. 

Lewis Hamilton: Failed to give his Best? 

Lewis Hamilton, who has the most number of races won in F1 History under his belt failed to finish in the top two positions and had to rest behind the McLaren driver. He tried more than 5 times to overtake, both in and out but failed to overtake. Even though Hamilton had a much faster car and experience than Norris, he still had to finish behind him. Fans and even Hamilton himself lauded Norris for defending his position pretty confidently and skillfully. Lewis Hamilton struggled with understeer which was another major reason he failed to overtake and grab the 2nd position on his home race. Still, Hamilton and Mercedes are happy with the 3rd position. In fact, Hamilton finished 3rd for three races straight now. 

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Unlucky Piastri 

Oscar Jack Piastri was one of the most unluckiest drivers in the Britain Grand Prix 2023 as the timing of the safety car dashed his hopes of finishing on the podium. Piastri pitted in green flag and soon safety car which led Piastri to drop to 4th and his hopes dashed. He still stated that it is a different feeling to be disappointed with fourth place but that was bad luck and there was nothing I could do. 

Alpine Crashes Out

It was a disastrous race for Alpine whose both drivers crashed out. Esteban Ocon had to retire due to a hydraulic leak while Pierre Gasly was forced to retire after Lance Stroll damaged his suspension. 

It was a thrilling and epic race, there were some ups and downs and some really close and interesting battles. But now, we move on to the next race, Hungarian Grand Prix 2023. 

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