Miami Magic was at its peak with Red Bull taking the game away from the other drivers in an epic F1 Race. Fernando Alonso performed brilliantly ending third on the podium. While Perez and Verstappen snatched the top two places at the podium, Charles Leclerc failed to even come close to them. 

Red Bull: Max Verstappen Shocks The World 

Max Verstappen started in the 10th position after Q3 ended early due to a red flag. After starting in the 10th spot, Max used some Miami Magic to win the pole position. Max Verstappen left everyone surprised as he went 10 places up, beating one of the best drivers, like Hamilton, Alonso, Leclerc, Sainz and his team-mate Sergio Perez. 

Things went smoothly for Perez except for failing to defend his position against his partner, Max. He finished second on the podium helping his team to reach an unmatchable lead in the Grand Prix 2023. 

Ferrari: Leclerc Provides a Disappointing Performance 

Miami Magic did not work well for the Ferrari, as Charles Leclerc is back to his disappointing ways. After some disastrous practices and qualifiers, Leclerc manages to finish in 7th position. Leclerc had a wonderful contest with Kevin Magnussen with both drivers overtaking each other at least 2 times. 

Carlos Sainz had a challenging race with some errors along the way, but he showed his resilience and skill by securing a 5th place finish, just narrowly missing out on 4th position. He demonstrated his consistency and competitiveness despite the difficulties he faced during the race.

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Mercedes: Russell-Hamilton Miss Out on The Podium 

In a thrilling race that saw many twists and turns, Russell and Hamilton once again showed their remarkable consistency and skill as they finished 4th and 6th respectively, just missing out on the coveted podium spots. Hamilton, who had a disappointing qualifying session and started at 13th, made a stunning comeback by overtaking seven drivers and securing 6th place. 

Russell, who also had a brilliant performance, moved up two places from his 6th position on the grid and finished 4th, proving that he can compete with anyone on the track. This was an impressive recovery from the Mercedes team, who had a difficult start to the season but now pose a serious challenge to their rivals in the upcoming races.

Aston Martin: Fernando Alonso Wins It For Them 

Aston Martin is having a remarkable season so far, as they are the closest challengers to Red Bull in the team championship. Their star driver Fernando Alonso is also performing exceptionally well, as he occupies the third spot in the driver’s standings behind the dominant Red Bull pair. 

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He demonstrated his Miami Magic once again by securing his second podium finish of the season in a thrilling race, while his partner Lance Stroll also did well to finish in the 12th position. It was a fruitful outing for Aston Martin, who continues to impress with their speed and consistency.

Alpine Renault: Back Into The Winning Ways 

Alpine Renault bounced back from a couple of lackluster races with a strong performance in Miami. They showed their Miami Magic by scoring points with both their drivers, who finished close to each other. 

The Alpine driver Pierre Gasly crossed the line in eighth place, while his teammate followed him closely and grabbed the ninth spot. This race will surely boost their confidence and help them maintain this momentum in the upcoming races.

Maclaren and Williams: The Bad Patch Continues 

It was a race to forget for Mclaren, and Williams, who failed to score any points in Miami. They missed out on the Miami Magic that some of their rivals enjoyed. Mclaren had a dismal race, as Lando Norris finished 17th and his partner Nick De Vries ended up 19th. They faced some technical issues with their car, and they will surely need to make some improvements before the next grand prix race.

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Williams also had a disappointing race, as Logan Sargent continued his poor form from the qualifying and finished last. His teammate Alexander Albon also lost ground and dropped from 11th to 14th in the final standings.

Haas: An Opportunity Missed Out?

Miami Magic was there to grab the Haas, but unfortunately, they failed to grab it. Playing in their home, there were a lot of expectations from the team who failed to deliver. Kevin Magnussen put up a good show by defending the Ferrari driver several times but failing the last time and dropping to the 10th position. His partner was also nothing less than a disappointment as he managed to finish at 15th position. 

What effect does this have on the Grand Prix Rankings? 

Miami Grand Prix 2023 saw several changes in the team and driver rankings as Aston Martin get 15 points and extend their lead over Mercedes. But The British team also saw more improvement as they grab 20 points in the Team rankings. Ferrari managed to get 16 points from the Miami Magic as they try to close up on Mercedes. 

In the driver rankings, Sergio Perez got 18 points while his teammate Max Verstappen snatched up 26 points. Fernando Alonso also earned 15 points placing him third in the driver rankings. While there was a slight improvement for Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Carlos Sainz and the Alpine drivers. 

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