Karate Combat Final

Shahzaib Rindh made the whole country proud when he beat his Indian opponent Rana Singh in the Karate Combat Final held in Dubai. The Karate Combat is a league based on full-contact Karate bouts. The league include events that feature players of different weight categories from various countries. This particular event named Karate Combat 45 featured players from two arch-rival countries. Rindh won it for Pakistan in the final, but his gesture at the end of the match is winning hearts all over

Karate Combat Final

The competition was based on three rounds. Pakistan’s Rizwan Ali took down India’s Pawan Gupta while Himanshu Kaushik from the opposition knocked Pak’s Faizan Khan in the second round. Scores were levelled 1-1 and the last round was to play the decisive role. 

The final round lasted just twenty seconds. The 6’1’’ Rindh did not waste much time taking down his rival. He proved too quick for Rana Singh

It is pertinent to mention here that Shahzaib is ranked 4th in the Community Ranking and is the number one ranked Wushu fighter in Pakistan. He boasts of a combined Wushu and Kick-boxing record of 75-4. The awe factor in all of this is most of his training has come from YouTube. In February this year, the 4th-ranked became the fastest to knockout at the Karate Combat 44 in Mexico.

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Internet Praises Shahzaib Rindh for His Post-Match Gesture

The 25-year-old after winning the match went on to win the hearts of the fans from both countries when he raised the flags of both India and Pakistan to send a message of peace to his fans and followers. This gesture after the match also washed away any misconceptions and hard feelings that developed when the Pakistani player slapped his counterpart one day before the final face-off. 

Regardless of what happened pre-match, the post-match respect shown by Shahzaib Rindh was enough to spread love and peace. Many took to social media to laud the player for his actions


Even the Indian Bollywood sensation was in awe of Rindh


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