Brazilian soccer player Vinicius Jr. has faced racism both on the field and off the field in Spain. Brazil has rightly reacted not well to this issue and has taken a stand against racism and wants the Spanish government and authorities to do the same. 

The Brazillian Foreign Ministry’s Reaction to the Incident 

On Sunday, Vinicius Jr who plays for Real Madrid, was called racist slurs. Following this incident, Spain’s ambassador was summoned by the Brazilian foreign ministry. 

The ministry seems disappointed with the player’s treatment and how much has not been done to counter these actions and put a stop to them.

The statement is as follows: 

“Taking into account the seriousness of the facts and the occurrence of yet another inadmissible episode, the Brazilian government deeply regrets that, until now, effective measures have not been taken to prevent and avoid the repetition of these acts of racism,”

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva earlier reached out to Fifa and La Liga to take action to stop racism. Ambassador Mar Fernandez Palalacios was also required to brief on the incident that had taken place in the stadium and caused the whole outrage.

Brazilian Soccer Player Vicinus Jr. stood against the racism

Real Madrid had a match with Valencia, and when the Real Madrid team arrived in the stadium, the Brazilian soccer player Vinicis Jr. was subjected to racism. As shown by numerous videos, he was called a “monkey” by the Valencia fans.

The racist slurs did not stop inside the stadium, too. Real Madrid’s second-top scorer in all competitions this season reacted and stood up for himself. Vinicis Jr. was sent off for pointing out the fans who were being racist. 

The British Foreign Minister Maria Laura da Rocha seemed disappointed at how it was Brazilian soccer player Vinicius Jr who had to face the consequences of taking a stand for himself instead of the ones who made him do it. 

The following is her statement at a seminar on Brazil’s relations to African nations.

“Vinicius Jr. received a red card for not enduring all that. The red card should have been given to racism. ” 

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