It has been a few weeks since Wimbledon started and now all of the hard work has been put at the fate of the last faceoff. It will be Djokovic and Krygios in an epic Wimbledon final. We are now at the business end of the tournament with an enthralling finale heading our way tomorrow.

Let’s check out the journey of this year’s competition and both the finalists. 

Djokovic’s route to the Wimbledon Final:

Novak Djokovic had a ravishing event and he made his way quite easily defeating several top-seeded players along the way. Overthrew Jannik Sinner and Cameron Norrie in the knockout games and set up a final with Krygios.

The Serbian tennis sensation prevailed in this year’s British tennis event and proved a lot of people wrong with his dominant performance all along. He was relatively better in fitness than in all the previous competitions he played.

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Nick Krygios’s road to the Grand finale:

Although his entry into the wimbledon finals was unexpected as Rafael Nadal gave him a walkover due to his severe injury issues, still he will be a tough opponent to beat. With a strong technique, Nick can be as competitive as Nadal and as we all were expecting a Nadal-Djokovic showdown in England, certainly this too would be an entertaining encounter. 

This finish is a big one for Nick as he will be eying for his first major Grand Slam title. He is a great performer on big stages and with a ferocious serve, he will be looking to rise on this occasion.

Rafael Nadal’s injury scares:

Ahead of an exciting clash against Nick Krygios in SF’s of Wimbledon, Nadal took a walkover due to severe abdominal tear. He struggled with injury during his match-up with Fritz in QF’s.

“I have been suffering with pain in the abdominal… there is a tear in the muscle, I made the decision because I don’t believe I can win two matches under these circumstances.” He Said


The competition has been amazing so far and we hope to see a great game of tennis today. We hope we witness a sensational finish to this year’s Wimbledon. Good luck to both the players!

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