On Saturday, April 8th, 2023, Tiger Woods withdrew from The Masters due to injury ahead of the resumption of the third round at Augusta National. This came as a disappointment to fans who were hoping to see him complete the tournament, which he had been struggling with due to poor weather conditions and his own physical discomfort. Tiger Wood’s injury has forced him to abandon the tournament as his body was unforgiving to the vicissitudes of nature and the game.

Woods’ performance at The Masters

Woods’ performance at The Masters this year had been a mixed bag. Despite his previous record at the event, where he had won five times, he struggled in the cold and wet conditions, finishing the second round with a 74. However, he managed to secure a record-equalling 23rd consecutive cut in The Masters, despite bogeying his final two holes.

Withdrawal due to injury

On Sunday morning, before Tiger Woods’ injury and withdrawal from the tournament, the pain was immense due to reaggravating his plantar fasciitis. This injury had been causing him discomfort throughout the event, and it finally proved too much for him to continue. He had 11 holes of his third round left to play and would likely have been among the first out for the final round, but his withdrawal meant that he was unable to finish the opening major of the year.

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Reaction from Woods and tournament officials

Woods took to Twitter to express his disappointment at having to withdraw from The Masters, thanking the fans and tournament organizers for their support. Meanwhile, tournament officials released a brief statement confirming that Woods had officially withdrawn from The Masters after completing seven holes of his third round.

Here is the tweet from Tiger Woods himself: 

Reaction from Fans and Media

The news of Woods’ withdrawal came as a disappointment to fans, who were hoping to see him compete in the event that had helped cement his reputation as one of the greatest golfers of all time. Jamie Weir, sports journalist: “He completed seven holes of his third round but we saw those terribly sad images of him struggling to walk. It was bitterly cold and wet yesterday, it’s cold again on Sunday, and obviously, Tiger’s body has just shut down and given up on him”. Media outlets around the world also reacted to the news, with many expressing sadness at seeing Woods struggle with his injuries.

A Look at the Future

With this year’s Masters now over for Woods, fans and media alike are left wondering what the future holds for the golfing legend. Woods’ injuries have been a source of concern for some time now, and his withdrawal from The Masters has only served to heighten these fears. However, with Woods’ incredible competitive spirit and determination, it’s clear that he won’t let these setbacks keep him down for long. Tiger Woods’ injury will be a big loss to The Master’s tournament. 

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