There has been lots of talk about Pakistan having the best pace battery in the world, so today we will be discussing the performance of these stars and giving you a brief about what the hundred is and how the format is being played.

The Hundred Format and Uniqueness

The format of the hundred is very unique and it doesn’t feel like the conventional game format. In the hundred the teams only play 100 balls in one inning as suggested by the name of this format. In this format, a bowler can bowl a maximum of 20 deliveries. Bowlers can ball either 5 deliveries over or bowl 10 balls at the trot. 

The format is very demanding and is equally difficult for batters and bowlers as this is fast-paced cricket. There is no room for mistakes as it can be a deciding and match-changing factor. In the hundred the powerplay is of 25 deliveries maximum rest of the rules are the same in the hundred.

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Performance of Shaheen Afridi

The performance of Shaheen Afridi has been very good as he has been a force to reckon with the new ball the way he dismantled Jason Roy on the first ball of the inning by a sharp inswinger that hit his pads in front of the stumps was surely eye-catching. Shaheen has been very good at death and in the initial stage as well he hasn’t conceded much his economy has been less than 1.5 runs per delivery which is very impressive considering it a fast-paced cricket.

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Performance of Haris Rauf

Now coming to the performance of Haris Rauf he has also been nothing short of brilliant with his searing pace. He has been giving the opponent teams batters hell with that in the Hundred tournament. Haris Rauf is a bowler with 150 above speed and can consistently bowl above 150 kph. He has been precise with his bowling at the death and at mid-innings where he usually operates he has been immaculate with his skills and surely looking good. What does this mean for Pakistan Cricket?

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The performance of both the bowlers means a lot to the Pakistan cricket team as the Asia Cup is just around the corner and with that Cricket world cup 2023 is also there this can certainly be a very delightful thing for the fans.

The nation with this Pakistan will surely have a chance to beat the top-rated teams in cricket. Talking about that Pakistan is ranked no 2 in the ICC ODI rankings currently. if Pakistan manages to beat Afghanistan in the upcoming series, Pakistan will be ranked no 01 in the ICC ODI rankings.

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