The IPL 2023’s features promise to bring a new level of excitement to cricket fans worldwide, with groundbreaking features that have never been seen before in previous cricket matches. The tournament will introduce two innovative features that are set to revolutionize the game: the ability for batsmen to review for wide and no-balls using the DRS system and the reveal of teams’ playing XI post-toss. Are you excited about IPL 2023’s features?

1. Review for Wide and No-balls using DRS System

Using the DRS system to review for wide and no-balls is an exciting addition to IPL 2023. This technology has been used in international cricket for several years but was never used to review for wide and no balls. The introduction of this feature in IPL 2023 is a significant step forward for the sport, as it will help reduce the number of incorrect decisions made by umpires. This new feature will give the batsmen a chance to review a decision made by the umpire if they believe that the delivery was not legitimate. The review process will use the same technology as the existing DRS system, with the addition of a new rule that allows the batsman to review for wide and no-balls.

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2. Reveal of Teams’ Playing XI Post-Toss

Another significant IPL 2023’s feature is the reveal of teams playing XI post-toss. In previous tournaments, teams would announce their playing XI before the match started, which would give the opposing team an idea of their strategy. However, in IPL 2023, teams will reveal their playing XI after the toss, allowing them to select the most suitable players based on their batting or bowling strategy. This new feature will give the teams an advantage as they will be able to choose the optimal lineup and impact players based on whether they bat or bowl first. It will add an exciting element of surprise to the game, keeping the audience engaged and glued to their screens.


IPL 2023 is set to be an exciting tournament for cricket fans with its new features that will change the game. The introduction of the DRS system to review for wide and no-balls and the reveal of teams’ playing XI post-toss will add a new level of excitement and unpredictability to the tournament. With these groundbreaking features, IPL 2023 promises to be the most exciting cricket tournament yet.

The introduction of new features in cricket is always exciting and welcomed by fans around the world. The use of technology to improve decision-making in the sport and the element of surprise in team selection will add to the overall viewing experience.

As the tournament approaches, cricket fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the start of IPL 2023 and the exciting new features that will accompany it. Are you excited to see the IPL 2023’s features in real action?

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