Regarding Football conversation for the Greatest Football Clubs of all time, we include the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and AC Milan, thanks to the Club’s Incredible Legacy all over the years and their Trophy collection. But when it comes down to the Wire to name the Greatest Football Club of All time, Fans, Pundits, and players have different opinions.

 Football fans assume their Club is Best for different reasons, including the Recency Bias, Club Rivalry or the Greatest Players who have played for the Club’s Badge. Football Fans love and cherish their favourite team, support in highs and lows, and build a bond for a more extended period.


Unfortunately, these reasons are not entirely valid to define their club as the Best Football Club. A club should have built an incredible legacy, a great domestic trophy collection, the greatest European achievement and dominance among other big football clubs.

 In Contrast, The Club that has accomplished all of the criteria to be the greatest football club of all time is definitely Real Madrid, who started Dominating World. Real Madrid also achieved the tremendous Honour of the FIFA Club of the Century for the 20th Century. Thankfully, Real Madrid is also continuing its legacy in the 21st century by showing European dominance and accomplishing an insane number of trophies. 

Club Information

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, known widely as Real Madrid, is a professional Spanish football club founded in 1902. The Club is currently involved in La Liga, the top tier of Spanish Football, along with European Competitions, including the UEFA Champions League.

 Since the foundation period, Real Madrid has always been associated with the Royalty Color of White in the Jerseys and Flags. The Spanish Club has played all its Home fixtures in Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain since it was built in 1947 and had a seating capacity of almost 81,000. The Los Blancos are currently managed by one of the influential managers of this generation, Carlo Ancelotti and have Florentino Perez as its President. 

European Dominance

Real Madrid is the most successful Club in the European Championship, probably the most outstanding achievement of any Football Club. The European Club, or Simply The Champions League, is by far the toughest competition in Club Football. The Kings of Champions have won the competition a staggering number of 14 times. The Club even won the Champions League trophy 5 in a row when it was founded in 1955, making Real the Greatest Football Team in history.

Again, in the 21st Century, Real Madrid tripled Swiped the Champions League in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Moreover, the Club recently won the Champions League in the 2021/2022 season. It is also regarded as one of the best UEFA champions league wins as they made multiple comebacks, knocked out the likes of PSG, Chelsea, and Manchester City, and won the Final against English Club Liverpool. 


The UEFA Champions League is dominated by Real Madrid in every aspect, from Club appearances to the no of titles and from all-time Top scorer to top assistant. The Champions League Royalty has the Most Appearances in the Champions League, i.e.52, which is two more than the Portuguese Club Benfica.

 Furthermore, One of the Greatest Players of all Time, Cristiano Ronaldo, has set a new milestone in the Goals and Assist category. The Portuguese star has more goals in the UCL, which is 140, than his bitter rival Lionel Messi who is at 129. In the Assists category, it’s again the Saudi Pro League star, who has 42 assists, just two more than the Argentine international Messi. 

Football Honours By Greatest Football Club 

To prove one’s Football Club is the greatest of all time, the free-flowing Football, the Legacy over the years, the history doesn’t matter as much as the Footballing honours or the trophies do. Real Madrid probably has all the Football honours other Greater football Clubs dream of. From winning the most significant club football Competition 14 times to dominating bitter Spanish Rivals Barcelona, no football club comes close to Los Blancos. 

Real Madrid won the La Liga, the biggest trophy in Spanish Football, for a total of 35 times. The only Spanish clubs that come close are Barcelona, with 27 league titles and Atletico Madrid, with just 11. 

When a club wins the UEFA champions league, various clubs from around the World participate in a competition called the FIFA Club World Cup. Real Madrid has shown dominance not just in Europe but in World Football as well. They have won the competition five times since its rebranding in 1999, which is two more than Barcelona. 

Again, in another European competition, the UEFA Super Cup, Real Madrid clinched the trophy five times. Italian Club AC Miland and Barca hold the same record in this competition. 

Furthermore, if we jump to the Spanish Super Cup and Copa Del Rey, Real Madrid is still behind Barcelona.

 Nonetheless, these tournaments only hold a slight advantage and Relevance, unlike the UEFA Champions League and League Title in Club Level Football. Real Madrid stands in third place with 21 trophies in the Spanish Cup competition, Copa Del Rey, right behind FCB and Athletic Bilbao, with 31 and 23 trophies, respectively. 

On the other hand, in the Spanish Super Cup, Real Madrid is just two honours away from Barcelona at 12 wins. Furthermore, Real Madrid also has tons of trophies, excluding La Liga and Champions League. The Los Blancos have got their hands on the Regional Trophy for a record 18 times and have won the League Cups, two Small World Cups and two Latin Cups. 

Besides, Real Madrid has grabbed the Ibero-American Cup, five Mancomunados Trophy and Two UEFA Cups. In Contrast, these trophies were quite famous in the 2nd half of the 20th Century: hence it does not hold a greater relevance in this new Era of Football. 

Dominance Over Big Clubs

To be the Greatest Football Club in the World, a Club should dominate other Greatest Clubs in any football Competition, whether La Liga Club World Cup or the Champions League. However, to be included in the GOAT club category, the Club should have the upper hand in the greatest Football Club Competition, the UEFA champions league, as other football clubs around Europe do not participate in any other format. 


In addition, Real Madrid Madrid has shown a significant upper hand against other great Clubs, including Bayern Munich, Man United, AC Milan, Liverpool and Ajax. Against Bayern, Real Madrid has 12 wins and three draws but unfortunately lost 11 times in UCL history. 

Moreover, Against Italian UCL Giants AC Milan, who have won the competition five times, Real Madrid has won 6 times and drawn three against them. And lastly, Against one of the best teams in England, Man United and Liverpool, Real Madrid have thrashed them 4 and 7 times respectively.

 Furthermore, if we compare Real’s La Liga competitor and their greatest Rival, Barcelona, Real Madrid has 102 wins, 52 draws and 100 losses in the El Classico. Real Madrid is also the first Club in Europe’s five best five leagues, including La Liga, Seria, and EPL, to win 100 trophies. 

Greatest Players to Wear the Greatest Football Club’s Badge

Although the Legendary Players who played for any football Club do not necessarily have enough Significance to make the Club the Greatest Football Club, it’s the Players who Play for the love of the Badge and help Maintain the Legacy of the Football Clubs. 

Santiago Bernabeu has been graced by one of the Greatest Players of all time, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo Nazario, Zinedine Zidane and Alfredo De Stefano. Other legendary names like Karim Benzema, Amancio, Raul, Paco Gento and Sergio Ramos have also graced the beautiful game in the White Shirt and significantly influenced Real Madrid’s History. 

Not only the Greatest Players or the legends have contributed to winning La Liga and the CL, but those players also have a significant influence and mentality in guiding the Club in the best direction and to accomplishing the Football Club’s achievements and have the upper hand amongst the mighty rivals and Top Clubs. Hence, making the Club the Greatest Football Club ever.  

The Bottom Line

Real Madrid is not only the greatest Club of this generation but the Greatest Club to grace the beautiful game. Real Madrid has achieved it all, whether it be the Greatest Football Club competition, the UCL the record number of times or the League title.

Content Contributed by Anish Koirala and Kifayat Ali
Graphics Contributed by Anuragdhwoj Thapa

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