With the revival of the Pakistan Football Federation last year July, the Pakistan women’s football team has had a progressive start as well. They defeated teams like Maldives, Comoros, and Tajikistan. Potentially showing everyone that this team might qualify for the FIFA world cup in the upcoming decade. 

The Past Year for Pakistan Women’s Football Team

In just a year, different stars have emerged from the squad giving magical moments to celebrate. From Maria Khan’s free-kick against Saudi Arabia to Nadia Khan’s 4 goals against Maldives. With a last-minute winner by Anmol Hira against Comoros or Zahmena’s classy finish against Tajikistan. The girls in green have shown they are ready to take the world by storm in the upcoming years.

Although they got eliminated in the group stages of the SAFF Championship and Paris Olympic Qualifiers, the potential shown by the new side has excited the fans, and are eager to see the team develop into a fierce side. 

Route to World Cup

The next FIFA Women’s World Cup is set to be staged in 2027. Pakistan kicked off its preparations on 18th July, when they met Singapore in an international friendly. Although they lost due to an 81st-minute strike from Singapore’s Farah Nurzahirah, they did give a tough fight to a better opponent in their own backyard. 

With the additions of players like Kayla Siddiqi, Pakistan have improved its defence line. There are expected call-ups to Aqsa Mushtaq and Mariam Mehmood as well in the upcoming international windows to strengthen the squad. This strengthening of the squad can give a different Pakistan to witness in women’s football. 

Current Scenario

Being the dark horses in the qualification round, the girls in green are ready to surprise the opponents. Adeel Rizki’s girls have nothing to lose and will be looking to make history to get their first-ever win in world cup qualifiers.

In an ambition to uplift the standard of the Pakistan Women’s Football team, the football federation has brought in a new assistant coach in the form of Lyne Ismail. She has worked with teams around the middle east and has now stepped in the country of Jinnah to gain new milestones. 

With all the circumstances being kept in mind, there is no doubt left that Maria Khan’s girls can be a force to reckon with once they form their shape. With the team’s diversity and eagerness to achieve what they have never achieved before, this world might not be ready to see the flag of Pakistan rising during the FIFA Women’s world cup in the upcoming decade. 

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