Leading a team is not an easy job. Captaincy styles vary from player to player. Some take the aggressive approach while some opt for the calm approach. Which route makes one the “better leader” is still not yet decided. 

Was Rohit Sharma’s Reaction as a Leader Justified?

Pakistan vs India game is always a high voltage for fans. Because of its intensity, it puts immense pressure on the players from both sides of the border. Recently, the two teams met in Asia Cup and the game turned out to be thrilling and full of suspense. The match went from being on India’s side to Pakistan’s side and vice versa.

 At one crucial moment, when Pakistan was close to chasing the target, Arshdeep Singh ended up dropping the catch of Asif Ali. Asif is known for his power-hitting abilities. That catch maybe could have given India an advantage because Rohit Sharma truly thought that and it was clearly seen from his reaction. He got hyper and screamed at the player from a distance. 

Should young players be given silent treatment after they make a mistake?

In the next game against Sri Lanka, Arshdeep was seen talking to Rohit and the captain was seen ignoring the young player and not even listening fully to what he had to say. These reactions of him were not applauded and he was generally called out for them. People opined that a leader should not be behaving this way. If young players are treated this way, then it sets a very dangerous precedent. 

Is Rohit Sharma struggling to deal with failures?

Rohit Sharma, the leader of the Indian cricket team has won 5 trophies as a captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL. This shows that he has seen numerous ups during the captaincy. Now that the Indian team is struggling, he isn’t aware of how to handle the pressure and deal with the playing 11. 

Is Babar Azam a better captain?

Social media also drew comparisons between Babar and Rohit. When Hassan Ali dropped the catch in the t20i world cup semifinal against Australia. Babar wasn’t seen shouting or screaming or being angry at him. Later, in this Asia cup, Pakistani fielders made some blunders like Fakhar Zaman’s misfielding in the last over of Haris Rauf against India and Shadab Khan’s dropped catches in the final of the Asia cup. Babar again wasn’t seen being aggressive. He sure was disappointed but didn’t let out his anger on the players. 

Opinions can vary on whether a captain should express his anger or not but one thing that almost all cricket fans agree on is that young players need to be backed up when they make a mistake and need to feel acknowledged when they are communicating.

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