One of the greatest football clubs in history, FC Barcelona is now on the verge of financial disaster amid a crisis, which needs thorough analysis. An institution that took pride in developing the best footballing talent in the world can now be likened to a transformer with ammunition, but no wheels. There’s no hiding FC Barcelona’s Financial issues. Their issues have amplified to such an extent, that they had to sell parts of their great club to activate “financial “levers”.

Start of FC Barcelona’s Financial Issues:

FC Barcelona club’s financial issues started when Josep Maria Bertameou was the managing director at FCB. Neymar’s sale to PSG was the starting point of the upcoming fiasco. Apparently, Neymar Jr was sold to PSG for a deal worth Euro 200 million euros although Barcelona didn’t want Neymar to go but this was forced on them as Neymar was trying hard to look for a possible transfer.

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Arrival of Dembele Greizmann and Countinho:

With the arrival of these outstanding players, it was looking like their future will be good and they will be able to pay them but it had the opposite effect as Barca had massive cash in their pockets and all knew about the situation they were in and were in a massive amount of pressure to secure a striker in comparison of Neymar. That pressure played a pivotal role in FC Barcelona’s financial issues.

Huge Wage Bills

Now the most important point of discussion is this as this was the prime mistake they did and fall so way back. When they had 200 million Euros in their purse and they went bizarrely bad with their evaluation of players. They bought Coutinho for 135 million Dembele for 124.2 Million and Greizmann for 108 million. They had many big stars with big wages on their team and with covid arriving it all fizzled out as they were left bankrupt and Barcelona’s financial issues started.

Salary Paycuts and Bizarre Ways of Earning Money

With FC Barcelona’s financial issues arriving the players had to take salary pay cuts as the club ran out for many. For this, a club with higher prestige in seasons 21-22 had to allow weddings at Camp Nou in order to earn money which you don’t see often happening.

Content Contributions by Umar Usman & Hamza Raheel Butt

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