The Toffees had been in sound form before the international break where they won three out of their last five matches and were aiming for a European spot. Finding the right combinations with Captain James Tarkowski and Manager Sean Dyche, no one had expected to see Everton deducted 10 points for breaching financial fair play (FFP) rules in the past two years. 

What are Financial Fair Play (FFP) Rules?

The Financial Fair Play (FFP) Regulations are a collection of rules designed to keep professional football teams from going over budget in their quest for success and, in the process, avoid financial difficulties that could jeopardize their extended existence. Many contend that their implementation was done to stop outside parties from financially “doping” smaller clubs. The European Football Association’s Financial Control Panel approved them in September 2009.

Opinions on FFP Rules

There has been a mixture of opinions on decisions made since the implementation of FFP rules.


Plus, it seems the drama has just started, as other clubs are about to face the same process…….

What’s next after Everton deducted 10 points?

Everton seems to go after an appeal against the deduction and fight for their case to be as strong as possible. 

After a dreadful start to the season, the league was already going tough for the Toffees, and the moment they started gaining rhythm and form, the 10-point penalty came. This has also threatened Everton’s 70-year continuous dance in the top-flight English football. 

Moreover, fans had huge protests during the game against Manchester United on Sunday, 26th November 2023. The message is clear…… “Everton Deducted 10 points!!!!” nope, it’s not happening. 

This might be the start of something really good or, it may just define how unjust the premier league can be when treating a club outside the “Top 6”. Let’s hope, the Premier League doesn’t give more room for the Saudi Pro League to overtake them as the world’s best Football league.

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