The battle for the playoffs in IPL 2023 is heating up as the qualifiers approach quickly. The season has been a blast so far, with multiple instances of teams chasing 200+ scores and successfully defending targets below 150. Additionally, several targets have been chased down with overs to spare. What makes the Indian Premier League truly “Incredible” is that all 10 teams are still in contention for a top-four finish. Let’s analyze the IPL Standings and find how each and every team can qualify for the qualifiers.

IPL Standings Before the Playoffs

Gujarat Titans: Nothing To Worry About 

The defending champions, Gujarat Titans, have continued their dominance in IPL 2023 and have been at the top of the table since the start of the tournament. While we analyze the IPL standings, the Titans have little to worry about. With just one win in their last three games, they will secure their spot in the playoffs. Even if they lose all three remaining matches, their strong net run rate could still see them through the qualifiers.

Chennai Super Kings: Will Dhoni Finish His Career With Another Trophy? 

Dhoni fans certainly want him to lead his side Chennai Super Kings to another trophy, but will that happen, only time will tell. Chennai Super Kings are in a strong position on the table with 1 win out of their last two games and can help the Dhoni-led side to the qualifiers. Their remaining two games are against Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals, and they just need one win from these two games to qualify. 

Rajasthan Royals: Will There Be A Royal Party in The Qualifiers? 

The Rajasthan Royals have a great opportunity to qualify for the playoffs. Their recent victory against the Kolkata Knight Riders has made their path easier. To secure their spot, they need to win both of their remaining two games or win one and rely on the results of other teams. IPL standings are something to worry about for the Royals, who are eager to have a royal celebration in the playoffs.

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Mumbai Indians: In a Good Position To Qualify? 

Rohit Sharma and Co have made a wonderful comeback in IPL2023 as they go up to the fourth position. But they still need to continue their good performances to qualify for the qualifiers. They would need to win at least two or three out of their three remaining matches and also correct their net run rate to qualify. 

Lucknow SuperGiants: Can The Giants Revert Their Luck? 

The previous three matches hadn’t gone the Giant’s way, but as the battle for the playoffs gets intense, they cannot continue like this. Lucknow Super Giants would too need to win all of their remaining matches. If they lose one out of the remaining three matches, their chances will get slim but they can still qualify if other results go their way. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Are The Challengers Being Challenged?

IPL2023 has not gone as expected for Faf and his team, who currently sit in sixth position on the table. However, they still have a chance to qualify if they can address their bowling errors and someone from the batting lineup except Kohli, Faf and Maxwell steps up and win their remaining three matches. 

Kolkata Knight Riders: Are the Hopes Over? 

It’s been an up-and-down season for the Kolkata Knight Riders as they sit in the seventh position on the IPL standings. However, with their chances to qualify for the qualifiers are slim, they are still alive. They would need to win their remaining two games and still depend on other team results and net run rate.

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Punjab Kings: Losing Its Main Players 

PKBS had a shock this season as they lost Jonny Bairstow and Shikhar Dhawan and Liam Livingston are too recovering from their injuries. However, Punjab Kings could still qualify by winning their remaining three matches even though being eighth in the IPL standings. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad: The Bad Patch Continues 

Sunrisers Hyderabad are facing trouble this season once again as their XI has been unstable and none of their players are finding their form as they are second last on the IPL standings. They could still qualify in the top four if they win their remaining four matches and take note of the other team’s results. 

Delhi Capitals: A Disappointing Season 

Delhi Capitals have three games remaining of this disappointing season. However they can still qualify, its chances are slimmer than ever. If they win all of their three matches and all the other matches go their way. Yes, you heard that right, all the other matches go their way they can still qualify. 

As the IPL 2023 season nears its end, the battle for the playoffs intensifies. With all teams still in contention, every match is crucial. It’s an exciting time for cricket fans as we wait to see which teams will secure their place in the playoffs.

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