Arslan Siddiqui (also known as “Arslan Ash”) was born in Lahore in 1995. He was known as a street fighter player from an early age. Arslan was brilliant in his studies but his interest in gaming gave him a boost and tried to focus on both studies as well as in gaming because his father was very strict at that time there was no scope for gaming especially in Pakistan. Siddiqui’s mother supported him in the early days but after the death of his father his mother and his two elder brothers supported him to start his professional career in the Gaming industry.

The Beginning of an Era

His first appearance was in Lahore when he took part in a national-level tournament which was known as Pakistan Tekken 6 Grand Master and he won that tournament. After that great tournament victory, he won many tournaments in different cities in the district as well as on national levels, including OUG Dubai, where he won $1500. He also won a 25,000 PKR tournament organized by Pakistan’s biggest Tekken community, In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and The King of Fighters XIII, Arslan Ash beat the regional competition to qualify for the King of Fighters XIV Global Finals at OUGaming 2018.

International Appearance

In both KOF XIV and Tekken 7, Arslan Ash won the KOFGCC Tournament in Oman, Kuwait.

Mainly in the Tekken tournament, Korean and Japanese players were dominant at that time along with USA and European players. That only happens because players from those regions can easily travel to compete among the best. There was no such luxury for Pakistan’s Tekken players. However, Arslan has been playing Tekken competitively and came to the limelight when he beat the Tekken legend Knee of Korea in OUgaming 2018 without losing a single game. 

Arslan took part in Evojapan in 2019 and defeated players like Knee once again, channel Book, Lowhigh (the Evo 2018 champion), Jimmyjtran, and finally Ak to win the entire tournament. after that, he retained his title in Evo2019 and defeated Knee again in the grand finals held in Japan. 

Arslan’s Achievements 

  • Arslan took part in WSOE 2019, unfortunately, he didn’t perform well and took 7th position in the tournament.
  • He participated in EVOUSA2019 and became the champion of EvoUSA2019.
  • He took part in several major tournaments like CEO2021, and the COMBO-BREAKER 2022 where he defeated all top ten players.
  • Get 3rd position in Evolution Champions Series 2022.
  • He took the title again of EVOjapan 2023 after beating South Korea’s MEO-L.
  • He represented Pakistan along with Khan and Atif Butt in Seven Nation Cup in Saudi Arabia and defeated South Korea in the Grand Final and Grab a Price of 500,000$. Arslan took his fourth Evo title in August 2023 when he beat the Japanese player Akihiro AKA “AO” in the grand FInals and after that, he won Both Evo Champions titles held in Japan and the USA.

Red’Bull Journey

Every player in the world has a dream of joining Red Bull, Arslan Siddiqui Aka Arslan Ash is the only one from Pakistan who joined the Red Bull team.

The last Major tournament of Tekken7

The Last Major tournament of Tekken 7 “Tekken World Tour Finals” was held in LAS VEGAS in January 2024 earlier this year, all the players who participated in this tournament had dreamed of winning this last major tournament of Tekken-7 officially.

The Giant and the King Arslan focused on this last tournament and tried to grab the title and start his journey with an easy win after that in the top 8 qualifiers he beat ULSAN in the winners finals and entered in Grand Finals, he faced CBM of South Korea in the Grand Final. Arslan holds his nerves in a nail-biting encounter and defeats CBM 3-1. He is the only player in the history of Tekken 7 who won four major titles on EVO and the only player who won the titles Evo’s and Tekken World Tour finals and got the title of “Triple Crown Champion” in Tekken 7 History.

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