The XFL has returned with a bang, and the excitement surrounding the league is at an all-time high. Fans are eagerly following their favourite teams, and every week brings a fresh dose of action and drama on the field. 

As we head into XFL week 5, season 2023  let’s take a look at the team standings and their strengths.

Eastern Conference:

DC Defenders (4-0) vs St-Louis Battlehawks(3-1): 

The Defenders have been the most dominant team in the league so far, thanks to their solid defence and efficient offence. Quarterback Cardale Jones has been leading the charge, throwing for over 800 yards and 9 touchdowns. Their defence, led by safety Rahim Moore, has been equally impressive, allowing just 13 points per game. They have defeated the battle hawks before in the 3rd week by 34-28. 

The BattleHawks have struggled so far, particularly on offence, the lowest in the league. The Defenders’ Quarterback Jordan Ta’amu has been consistent, rushing  185 yards so far. The battle to watch out will be between Battlehawk receiver Hakeem Butler and Defenders’ cornerback Michael Joseph. 

Orlando Guardians (0-4) vs Vegas Vipers(0-4): 

Both the teams have been surprisingly winless this season. But there has been a difference in competitiveness. Vipers lost all their games competitively either being led or tied in the fourth quarter. Orlando Guardians were not showing a fighting spirit at all. Losing all the games with a difference of 18 points or more. Their defence is allowing 29 points which is the highest this year with an offence of averaging only 12.25 points per game.

The Vipers heading into XFL Week 5 will be dependent on the health of quarterback Brett Hundley. The Vipers will score easily with the likes of Brett and Luis Perez. Orlando has been clearly the worst team so far in the entire season.

South Division:

Houston Roughnecks (4-1) vs Seattle Sea Dragons (2-2): 

The Roughnecks have been the most exciting team in the league, thanks to their high-powered offence led by quarterback Brendon Silvers. They defeated the Guardians by three touchdown passes and a final score of 44-16. Winning by the largest margin, they were the first team to score more than 40 points. The Dragons have had a tough start to the season, particularly on offence. Seattle’s defence has been the last in the season with only one interception and eight sacks, 3rd fewest on the table.

Arlington Renegades (2-2) vs San Antonio Brahmas (1-3): 

The Renegades have been up and down this season, but they have shown signs of improvement in recent weeks. Both teams have struggled quite a lot in the offence. The renegades have scored only four touchdown points. Brahmas hasn’t the best offence too, with only seven touchdowns.

Renegades’ running back De’Veon Smith continues to be consistent, currently standing eighth in XFL rushing(131). With Renegades having a pedestrian offence, but a strong defence they’d be favourites against a shaky Brahmas.

XFL Week 5: Conclusion:

As we head into week 5, the DC Defenders and Houston Roughnecks are the clear favourites to win their respective conferences. Let’s see what happens as the XFL week 5 kicks off.

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