XFL week 3 saw the D.C. Defenders emerging victorious in a battle of undefeated teams. Wade Phillips and his Houston Roughnecks continue to pile up victories in the weaker South division. Nonetheless, both the undefeated teams stood proudly on   top of their respective groups leaderboards as the first third week of the season came to an end.

Let’s see how all the teams fared and provide enthusiasts with Week 3 review:

Game 1: Seattle Sea Dragons vs Vegas Vipers

Sea Dragons 30-26 Vegas Vipers

The trio of Gordon, Jahcour Pearson, and Jordan Veasy had a big game as they played through the air. Both of these teams played their best game respectively this season. Sea Dragons had a decent yards per play average against a fairly decent defence of Vegas Vipers. 

Vipers didn’t exactly roll out to Dragons but after turning control of the offence over to Brett Hundley, who played extremely well, they weren’t out of the game till the very end. The Vipers led half way through when the scores were 17-9 , but Seattle continued to score in each of their final four drives. That’s when Josh Gordon came facing fourth and two from their own 35 yard line. Vipers didn’t get enough time to respond to this, eventually leading Sea Dragons to a win.

Game 2: D.C.Defenders vs St.Louis Battlehawks

Defenders 34-28 Battlehawks

The match-up between was nothing less than a story of 2 halves. Defenders had secured a 14- 0 lead early in the game. The scorecard told everything it was to tell how D.C played in the first half. They were latching onto the game for most of that period and wanted to carry on the momentum in the second one too. But Battlehawksthrew themselves into the game, that is by ending both of the Defender’s drives into fumbles.

As soon as the Battlehawks were in the game, D.C were looking as if they were going to lose this one. They were not regular in moving the ball throughout the pitch. St.Louis started heating up and fought back. But they were not lucky enough to finish the game as Defender ran out the clock for St-Louis to play any further.

Game 3: Arlington Renegades vs Orlando Guardians

Renegades 10-9 Guardians

The match-up between these two teams was nothing short of a commitment completion on the part of both of them. A conventional spring football game. A massive downslide after two of the most thrilling contests. 

Paxton Lynch’s better drive, in the form of 73 yards per 11 plays, helped Orlanda gain a lead of 9-3 before the 4th quarter. Renegades had pretty much the worst offence techniques compared to their defence approach. Although Orlando had been weak in offence, they played their best in it and showed best performance so far in terms of offence. The lead of 10-9 ended up being enough for defeating Guardians in the XFL Week 3 match-up.

Game 4: Houston Roughnecks vs San Antonio Brahmas

Roughnecks 22-13 Brahmas

Roughnecks have been phenomenal throughout. They have been at the top of table alongside their counterparts, Defenders with 3-0 win-loss ratio. 

The game went on with a fiery start from San Antonio, although they lost momentum in the middle. Roughnecks’ quarterback Brandon had already pulled guns on Brahmas. The Brahmas’ defence woke up in the second half in which they were able to pick up Brandon Silvers. San Antonio looked like they were going to have a chance or half in the dying moments of the game, but it was nine points or the canyon of death for Brahmas. XFL week 3 was not a surprising one for the Roughnecks as they continued to build on their momentum.

What to expect in Week 4?


Game 1: Houston Roughnecks vs Orlando Guardians

Game 2: San Antonio Brahmas vs Seattle Sea Dragons

Game 3: Arlington Renegades vs St-Louis Battlehawks

Game 4: Vegas Vipers vs D.C.Defenders

Houston Roughnecks tend to lead the table along with Defenders in the second group. Other teams would have to step up in this regard.

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One reply on “XFL Week 3 Review: How is it going for all the teams?”

  • April 6, 2023 at 2:09 am

    The XFL has completed its third week, and the season is shaping up to be exciting. The Houston Roughnecks continue to dominate, remaining undefeated with a 3-0 record after defeating the Tampa Bay Vipers. Meanwhile, the Dallas Renegades got their first win of the season against the Seattle Dragons, and the D.C. Defenders suffered their first loss to the LA Wildcats. It’s still early in the season, but it’s clear that each team has their strengths and weaknesses. It will be interesting to see how things develop as the XFL moves forward.