Former NFL defensive end Chris Smith dies at 31, leaving the football world in shock and mourning. The circumstances of his death have not been disclosed, adding to the mystery surrounding this sudden loss. With a career spanning eight seasons in the NFL and a reputation as a talented player and a kind-hearted person, Chris Smith’s legacy will be remembered by many.

A Talent on and off the Field

Smith was born and raised in Mount Ulla, North Carolina. He attended West Rowan High School, where he established himself as a football legend. He went on to play for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks and was drafted in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Throughout his career, he played for various teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Las Vegas Raiders, and the Houston Texans in 2021. In March, he signed with the XFL’s Seattle Sea Dragons. He played five games this year and made five tackles. Smith’s skill and dedication to the sport were evident on the field, earning him respect and admiration from his peers and fans.

Off the field, Smith was known for his kind and compassionate nature. He was described as a better person than a player, and his impact on those around him was profound. His smile could light up any room, and he was loved by his teammates, coaches, and fans. Smith was admired not only for his athleticism but also for his genuine personality and his ability to connect with people.People are devastated as a young Chris Smith dies from God knows what reasons.

Heartfelt Tributes from the Football Community

News of Chris Smith’s untimely passing sent shockwaves through the football community, and tributes from teammates, friends, and fans poured in on social media. Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku expressed his heartbreak, calling Smith a hometown hero and a brother to everyone. 

Buffalo Bills tight end Shaq Lawson offered prayers for Smith’s family, while former Raiders quarterback Derek Carr shared a heartfelt message expressing his love for his former teammate. Sports journalists and reporters also paid tribute to Smith, remembering him as one of the most excellent guys ever coming through the NFL locker room.

Many highlighted Smith’s genuine personality, infectious smile, and unwavering work ethic on and off the field. He was remembered as a player who always made time for others and brought joy and laughter wherever he went. Smith’s impact on those around him was evident in the outpouring of love and admiration from the football community, reflecting his profound mark on those who knew him.

Overcoming Tragedy: Coping with the Loss of His Girlfriend

Chris Smith’s passing comes three years after the tragic death of his girlfriend, Petara Cordero, struck by a car in September 2019. The loss of his partner and the mother of his daughter was a devastating blow for Smith, and he shared a touching tribute on Instagram at the time, expressing his grief and his love for Cordero. Despite facing such a heart-wrenching loss, Smith showed resilience and strength in coping with this tragedy, and he continued to pursue his passion for football with determination and courage.


Chris Smith’s sudden demise is a dark day for the Football community worldwide. May his soul rest in peace. He was a great character on and off the field, and reactions from around the world show how much he meant to all those who knew him or were his fans. 

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