FIH Hockey Nations Cup 2024

The second edition of the Men’s FIH Hockey Nations Cup 2024 will take place from the 31st of May till June 9. The tournament will be held in Gniezno, Poland, where nine teams take part. Ten teams were supposed to take participation including the tournament hosts, Poland. The nine highest-ranked teams not participating in the Men’s FIH Pro League participate in the tournament.

South Africa, who were also the hosts for the First edition, will be in a five-team group. South Africa won the eight-team competition in 2022, beating Ireland by a 4-3 margin.

Tournament Groupings

Nine teams were divided into groups of five and four respectively. The five-team group is labelled Group A while the four-team group is labelled Group B.

Defending Champions South Africa are in Group A alongside hosts Poland, Austria, South Korea and New Zealand. Group B sees Canada, France, Malaysia and Pakistan in the group.

Group AGroup B
New ZealandFrance
South AfricaPakistan
South Korea

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FIH Hockey Nations Cup 2024: Schedule and Format

DateGroupMatchLocal Time (GMT +2)
31 May 2024BMalaysia vs Pakistan11:30 AM
France vs Canada2:00 PM
ASouth Africa vs Austria4:30 PM
New Zealand vs Poland7:00 PM
1 June 2024ANew Zealand vs Austria4:30 PM
South Korea vs Poland7:00 PM
2 June 2024BPakistan vs Canada1:00 PM
France vs Malaysia3:30 PM
3 June 2024ASouth Korea vs Austria3:30 PM
South Africa vs New Zealand6:00 PM
4 June 2024ANew Zealand vs South Korea3:30 PM
Poland vs South Africa6:00 PM
5 June 2024BMalaysia vs Canada3:30 PM
Pakistan vs France6:00 PM
6 June 2024ASouth Korea vs South Korea3:30 PM
Austria vs Poland6:00 PM

The top two teams from each group will qualify for the semi-finals while the teams outside the semis (bottom two) will play “Fifth to eighth place classification.”

In both rounds, the teams winning their respective games will further qualify for the next round. In the case of the Fifth to eighth place classification, the winners will play the fifth place final while the losers will compete for the seventh place final.

For the final fours, teams who win the semi-finals will qualify for the Final while the losers will play in the third-place playoffs.

Fifth to eighth place classification

8 June 2024C1 (A3 vs B4)11:30 AM
C2 (A4 vs B3)2:00 PM
Seventh Place Play-offs
9 June 2024Loser C1 vs Loser C211:30 AM
Fifth Place Play-offs
9 June 2024Winner C1 vs Winner C22:00 PM


8 June 2024SF1 (A1 vs B2)4:30 PM
SF2 (A2 vs B1)7:00 PM
Third Place Play-Offs
9 June 2024Loser SF1 vs Loser SF24:30 PM
The Final
9 June 2024Winner SF1 vs Winner SF27:00 PM

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