Ferrari's Bad Start-Miami

Ferrari has been a dominant force in the world of Formula One (F1) racing for decades. Ferrari has always been a fan favourite with its iconic red cars and legendary drivers like Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda. However, the 2023 season Ferrari’s bad start has left fans and critics alike wondering what’s gone wrong.

Poor Pre-Season Testing

Ferrari’s problems started during pre-season testing, where the team struggled to match the pace of their rivals. Despite introducing a new car, the SF23, Ferrari was unable to improve on their 2022 performance. Many experts believe that the team’s decision to focus on developing their power unit at the expense of other areas of the car has backfired, leaving them with an unbalanced and underperforming vehicle.

Underwhelming Performance at Races 

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Ferrari has struggled to compete at the same rate that they were able to during the same stage last season where they looked like potential Constructor Champions and could hold Charles Leclerc to a World Drivers Championship as well but it didn’t succeed. This season people were expecting the team to recover from Pre Season testing but they were wrong as Ferrari has had an absolute horror show since the start of the new Season and many believe that they may already throw this season under the bus and try and go full out for the next season in 2024. 

While it may be too early to throw in the towel the Australian Grand Prix didn’t help the case as Charles Leclerc had another DNF but Carlos Sainz had a horror show while Finishing in P12 but at one point was the fastest man on the grid albeit Verstappen was Saving his tires

Inadequate Response to the Problems

Ferrari’s poor performance in the opening race of the season was a wake-up call for the team, but their response has been inadequate. The team has failed to identify the root cause of their problems and has instead resorted to making small adjustments to the car. Ferrari’s lack of a clear plan to turn their fortunes around has left many fans and experts questioning their ability to compete at the highest level.

Struggling to Keep Up with the Competition

Ferrari’s struggles have been compounded by the strong performance of its rivals. Mercedes, Red Bull, and Aston Martin have all shown impressive pace in the season’s opening races, leaving Ferrari struggling to keep up. The gap between Ferrari and the leading teams is significant, and unless the Italian team can find a way to improve their performance quickly, they risk falling even further behind. All of the above factors contribute to Ferrari’s bad start in 2023 season.

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