Formula One has recently seen a major setback from one of the best of its competitors, Mercedes. They have been consistent throughout Formula One, and no one could have expected to see them tumbling. Lewis Hamilton lost his shape this year when he finished 10th in the Saudi Grand Prix. After that poor performance, he couldn’t produce a single better performance. He currently sits in 6th position in the worldwide ranking.

Recent Performance :

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have been a deadly force in the Formula One universe. But they plunged into a deep hole this year after reports appeared of mismanagement among the Mercedes team. This has affected Lewis’s performance badly. 

Lewis hasn’t won a single race this year. He has been heard a couple of times complaining about the car he has been given to race with. He openly criticized the choice of car to be raced by the Mercedez team. He was hopeful to do well in upcoming events. But the outcomes have not been so overwhelming. 

He said: “This car is so bad” after a disappointing performance by his team. Lewis was quite distressed over the issues and hence, saw a collapse in his performance. 

Rift with Toto Wolff:

Hamilton reportedly disagreed with Toto Wolff and both were seen arguing in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. The context of the rift was not clear but surely it raised a lot of questions. These were not great signs at all for the whole crew.

Faulty Car Selection:

So far, Mercedes haven’t been able to keep up with any of the top contenders like Ferrari and Red Bull. Mainly, because they have been playing a balancing act of car set-up separation. This has compromised Hamilton’s whole new season and results are in front of us.

It has been noticed that George Russell has been given the preferred set-up sacrificing Lewis’s performance in the hope to unleash Russell’s true potential. Instead, they lost Hamilton’s experience.

Hamilton’s Verdict:

The main man is not happy to be a lab rat and will surely not play the role of sacrificial lamb anymore. 

He said: “Maybe in the second half of the season George can do the experiments! We’re just trying to work. We’re just trying to progress as a team”.

He emphasized the belief that they should refrain from doing any more experiments as the previous ones had not been successful.


The crew of Mercedes should be abstaining from carrying out any more experiments on Lewis as it will have a devastating effect on his career and performance. Apart from all of that, still, Lewis is hopeful that he and his team will bounce back surely, with greater strength and a goal to focus on.

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