Rashid Khan’s hat trick in the Indian Premier League (IPL) was a defining moment of greatness in T20 cricket history. The hat trick was a treat to watch for the fans as the Afghan leg-spinner made history in the IPL. 

Who Were His Victims? 

Rashid Khan’s hat trick in the IPL is being adored by fans all over the globe. The captain of Gujrat Captains while defending 204, was in trouble with 48 required off 18, the spinner struck with three important wickets. His wickets included two West Indies hard hitters while one Indian. 

The West Indies batter, Andre Russell failed to read a googly bowled on a back of a length on the leg stump. In his attempt to hit the ball, he missed, resulting in the ball popping up off his thigh pad and going into the keeper’s gloves. The fielding team was convinced that Russell had nicked the ball, but the review showed that there was no contact between the ball and his bat, leading to his dismissal. 

The second West Indies batter to be dismissed by Rashid Khan was Sunil Narine. The spinner bowled on the middle and off stump with the batter trying to clear the deep-mid wicket but failed to clear the fence as Yadav took an easy catch. 

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The Indian batter. Shardul Thakur also failed to read the googly and the ball struck on the pads in front of the wicket which made a historical moment in the history of IPL, Rashid Khan’s hat-trick. 

Its Impact On The Game? 

The hat trick had a great impact on the game as it changed the momentum and put the Gujarat Titans in front. After this hat-trick maiden 48 were required from 18, white two overs before only 54 were needed of the last five. So this over was of utmost importance in the game. 

However, even after the best efforts to win the game by the GT captain went in vain as Rinku Singh went bang, bang for 5 sixes off the last five balls to steal the victory from the mouths of GT.  

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Historical Importance 

This hat trick became the first to be from an IPL team captain and the first in 9 years in the history of the IPL. Rashid Khan, the number t20I bowler is a legend in the shorter format and this hat-trick proves all that how he can change the momentum of the game but still, Gujrat Titans fell short. 

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