A boy from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, carrying the dreams of millions of his supporters back home, embarks on a journey for the ultimate glory and finishes it by completing the job he always dreamt of, and his commitment allowed him to pay back to his country. 

Messi’s Argentina has won the third title after a successful run against France in the finals of the Fifa World Cup, in Qatar. How about, we also take a ride through the rollercoaster of a journey for Messi’s dream team? Let’s do this!

Group Stage Drama: 

Argentina couldn’t have dreamt of a worse start than they did this year. They were defeated by the brave Saudis. Although Argentina took the lead first, Saudi Arabia was bold enough to take it back and even went on to win the game. 

Messi’s team was shocked and devastated by this unexpected defeat. But they were strong enough to recover themselves and went on to win back-to-back fixtures against Mexico and Poland. 

Entry into the Quarter Finals: 

They reached the Round of 16 games convincingly by defeating Mexico and Poland. Now they were up against Australians. On a given day, Australia can be relatively a strong side. But Messi and Co had other plans. They were keen to open doors for themselves in the Quarter Finals. As expected, they were not lenient to Australians and the duo of Alvarez and Messi made sure they were onto the next stage.

Challenge in the Quarterfinals: 

The side that they were taking on was The Dutch who are ruthless in attack and defensive as a wall. Argentina was up for a challenge, as the only thing in their minds was the golden glory. The game started brilliantly for Messi’s side as he and Molina provided Argentina with a lead. But the Dutch retaliated with an attack as Wout Weghorst equalized the scorecard.

The result was now to be determined by penalties and we all know how good Argentinians are at penalty shootouts. They proved their capability and defeated the Netherlands by 4-3 on penalties. 

Superb Semifinals: 

In the Semi-Finals, it was a Messi vs Modric show as Croatia was up against Argentina. Yet there wasn’t much offered by the game as Croatians looked down and out from the first minute. This time it was a one-sided affair as Messi and Alvarez were too hot to handle. Messi opened up the scorecard and Alvarez scored a goal each in both halves.

Croatia was handed a thumping defeat of 3-0. Messi was now an inch closer to the ultimate goal of his life. 

Supreme Game: It was France vs Argentina in the most electrifying game on the entire planet 

Messi vs Mbappe; who would’ve thought that it all would come down to this? 

The rivalry which started four years ago in Russia was against each other in Qatar for the decisive game of the event. Mbappe was ruthless against Argentina the last time both teams met as Messi’s company was knocked out in the 2018 competition. 

How did it happen? 

“The whistle blows and we are off. Both the teams are charging towards each other’s goal post. Argentina are looking dangerous”

“The Argentinian hero opens the scoring from the penalty spot and having a hand in Ángel Di María’s goal for 2-0. First half belongs to Messi and Co. But little did they know that Mbappe is planning to destroy their notion of winning the golden trophy so easily. It is the second half and we are 10 minutes away from the whistle. 

A penalty is given in the 80th minute and France don’t let it slip away as Mbappe opens up the scorecard for his team. Mbappe is unplayable since that goal and scores another one, through a sublime side on the volley. The game is equalized and people are witnessing the mightiest wrestling out for glory. Mbappe is looking hell-bent that there would be no extra time, but the whistle is blown”

“We are into another 30 minutes. French are again playing fearlessly and volatility is shown by them as they attack Messi’s men. Back comes Argentina as Messi scores his second goal of the night. But Kylian doesn’t stay back and scores a hat-trick, only the second person to do this after Sir Geoff Hurst”

“Penalties it is! Both the teams regroup and get ready for penalty shootouts. France chose to attack first. Mbappe and Messi, as usual score, but Emiliano Martínez’s brilliance against Kolo Muani and Coman gives Argentina a lead. Now its upto Gonzalo Montiel. He is looking confident. Goes for the penalty kick in the bottom left and scores.”


Aftermath of the most nerve-wrecking game in history:

Messi was in tears as Montiel scored the winning goal. They turned the dreams of uncountable people into reality. Messi wandered about the pitch in disbelief as his lifelong dream had been accomplished. He was at the top of the entire world. Fans in ths stadium are in tears of joy as they see their hero for the last time. This last time will be remembered forever in the history of the game.

Lionel Messi fully robed up, and rubbed his hands in anticipation of finally – finally – lifting the World Cup. HE FINALLY LIFTS THE GOLD HE WAS MEANT TO FOR A LONG TIME!


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