FIFA World Cup 2022 is the highlight of this year and has kicked off on the 20th of November, with Qatar and Ecuador locking horns in the opening game of the tournament. Looking at the magnitude of this year’s event, it is going to be different from all the previous editions. 

Let’s discuss some interesting facts about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. 

FIFA World Cup: The Firsts of 2022 Edition 

  • It is the first Worldcup taking place in the Middle East and also the first one to be held in Muslim nations. The very first Edition was played in Uruguay in 1930. Since then, no Arab or Muslim country has been able to host a FIFA World Cup. 
  • The 2022 Edition is the first one taking place in November-December and during winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This is happening for the first time in the 92 years history of the tournament. All others took place in the middle or near the start of the year. 
  • After spending more than $300 Billion on preparation, this FIFA World Cup is going to be the most extravagant of all the previous ones. The amount was spent on building stadiums, highways, hotels, and other commodities.
  • In recent years, Qatar will host the World Cup with the least number of Stadiums, counting up to a total of eight venues. 
  • Qatar is also expected to receive a record number of visitors than all the previous host countries. This is mainly due to the geographical location of the hosts, which makes it possible for a lot of tourists to reach them easily.
  • The distance between venues is hugely less, which means it is the most commutable tournament. Even the most remote stadiums have a total of 90 miles of distance between them.
  • The organisers have made sure to carry out the event under carbon-neutral conditions by using renewable energy resources and water-efficient stadiums. 
  • It will be the first time Female referees will officiate men’s World cup matches. Three out of 36 match-referees are Female.

Fun Facts: 

  • The first ever fully demountable stadium will be used, built from 974 shipping containers; stadium 974 will be dismantled after the tournament and turned into a new development at Waterfront.
  • The 22nd Edition of the FIFA Worldcup will be the last of a 32-nation tournament. From next onwards, 48 nations will compete for the Golden trophy.
  • For the very first time, the Golden trophy toured 51 countries which included all the qualifying nations.
  • Qatar being a small country of almost 12000 square metres and 3 million people, will be the smallest host country to date!

Well! How was this for the record book? It is for sure that many more will be written as the tournament goes on.

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