Real Madrid’s recent loss to Villarreal CF has caused quite a stir in the football world. While the game itself was thrilling, the post-match encounter between Fede Valverde and Alex Baena in the parking lot garnered the most attention. Valverde, 24, reportedly punched Baena, 21, in the face after the loss, and his entourage alleges “a very serious motive” for the assault.

 Fede Valverde’s Version of Events

Fede Valverde’s entourage stated that the attack on Baena was not unprovoked. In the Copa del Rey match in which Real Madrid was up against Villareal, Baena allegedly provoked Valverde and told him to “cry now that your son is not going to be born.” This comment was particularly hurtful, as Valverde’s wife, Mina Bonino, had recently experienced a difficult pregnancy with their second child. Baena also made a gesture that mocked Valverde for crying, which further incensed the Real Madrid player.

During the recent match between the two teams, Baena allegedly repeated the comment about Valverde’s son, which led to the altercation in the parking lot. After the game, Valverde reportedly waited for Baena and told him that he was “not messing with his family.” While the aggression is not condoned, Valverde’s entourage claims the attack was motivated by a deeply personal insult. The exact words of his entourage were “Cry now that your son is not going to be born.’ That stayed there, but today he said something similar to him, and Fede got heated. So he waited for him in the parking lot and told him he was ‘not messing with his family.”

The Aftermath

The incident has drawn criticism from all sides, with many condemning Valverde’s behavior. Real Madrid has not reportedly commented on this attack and it is unclear the fact that whether they would take disciplinary action against Valverde. The Spanish Football Federation has also not made clear if they are investigating the incident, or if Valverde could face further consequences. 

Baena, meanwhile, has not commented publicly on the incident. However, his club, Villarreal CF, issued a statement condemning the attack and expressing support for Baena. The information also urged fans to remember that football is a sport and that violence has no place in it. Valverde also allegedly said this: “Tell me now what you said on the pitch about my son.”


Real Madrid’s loss to Villarreal CF on Saturday was a hard-fought game that unfortunately ended with an incident of violence in the parking lot. If the investigation proves that Baena had forced this to happen to him, then his actions must be condemned too. It was a forceful act of violence that should be prevented in this sport.

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