Portuguese star Footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has completed his surprise move to Saudi club, Al Nassr. This is the most expensive move yet in the history of football, with Ronaldo earning an estimated more than 200 million per year. The whole world was shocked when Ronaldo announced this move to Saudi Arabia’s premier club tournament.

But how did he reach his decision of leaving the premium club tournaments in Europe and coming to the Middle east?

Europe to the Middle East: How did that happen? 

The events that had occurred to Ronaldo during his stay at Manchester United, ended up making him the target of club hatred. No club was ready to add him to the squad. Despite the early failures in the competition, Ronaldo played decently in the Premier League. He scored 18 goals in a very low number of games. He was left with no choice, except to carry on with the Al Nassr offer. But the star player was far away from disappointment. He was not swayed away by the rejections he was facing in Europe.

According to Cristiano Ronaldo; his work in Europe was completed. He said:

“I’m so proud to make this big decision in my life, in football. As you mentioned before, in Europe my work, it’s done. I won everything.”

He was quite sure of what he was doing and was happy about moving to Al Nassr, according to him:

“I played in the most important clubs in Europe and for me now, it’s a new challenge.”

Ronaldo was getting a lot of offers from clubs in Europe and America, but he preferred Al Nassr. Cristiano added: 

“I had many opportunities in Europe, many clubs, in Brazil, in Australia, the US, even in Portugal. Many clubs tried to sign me but I gave the word to this club for the opportunity,” he said.

Details of the Transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone wants to know the spicy details of the most expensive transfer ever made in history. Here are some of the key features of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr Contract. 

Deal Agreed upon: 30 December, 2022 

Finalisation of Transfer: 1st January ,2023 

Fee for Transfer: none (Transferred as a Free Agent)

Market Value for Ronaldo: €20,000,000 

Salary Includes: 

Total Market Value: $517,274,912.99

Salary per Year: $206,909,965.20

(Note: All figures are according to Transfermarkt)

How did the World react to this news? 

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville expressed sadness over Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to leave Europe. Jamie said: 

“In some ways, it’s a sad end for him. He finished his career with a Piers Morgan interview and Messi has won the World Cup. It’s not the best way to go out is it?”

Gary Neville, his former teammate, didn’t agree with Ronaldo leaving Europe. 

“Look, we’re going to see a lot. It tells us a couple of things, it shows how serious Saudi Arabia is about football. They’ve invested £350m on one player and are going for the World Cup in 2030. I thought he would want to stay in one of the big leagues in Europe, for the rest of the season at least,” he said.

Gary added: “It tells you that the offer is absolutely staggering and maybe another European club that he wanted to join didn’t really come in for him. There’s an element of sadness for me because we’re probably seeing the end of Cristiano Ronaldo playing at the top level. I think we could have still had that at Old Trafford had it been handled differently by both parties. But it has to come and he’s going to see his career out in Saudi.”

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