Imagine being the most wanted personality in the world, but still, you are alone. Imagine being the most prolific football player on the planet, but still getting benched. This all has happened to Cristiano Ronaldo in one year. 

From existing as a must-have player for every team to being benched for most of the games, it is just so hurtful for someone who always has played with his unconditional dedication. 

How did it get messed up for Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo got nothing wrong when he left Real Madrid for good, did nothing wrong when he left Juventus, and eventually when he came back to Manchester United, he again did nothing wrong. It was always the clubs that mocked him by testing his nerves. 

Although the season was pretty off for the star player, he was still quite sure that he would regain his lost form while on national duty. But little did he know that it was not going to happen because he wasn’t going to get enough opportunities for that. 

Manchester United had a special row with Ronaldo. The management wasn’t even with the decision of bringing him back, but still, they went through and in the end, they didn’t have the decency to tell him that he wasn’t needed. Since, his inclusion at Manchester United, Ronaldo’s career took the biggest dip. 

Consequences following his sudden career dip

Not being able to qualify for the Nations League Finals, being on the bench for most of the season for his club, and eventually choking on the biggest stage and exiting the World Cup, Ronaldo has faced the worst of the worst this year. Considered his last world cup, Ronaldo was benched by the coach for no particular reason and this cost them their dream of winning the golden trophy.

What is in store for Cristiano Ronaldo in the future? 

If Qatar is the end for Ronaldo, then it will be a bittersweet conclusion for an outstanding career. But Ronaldo is still to comment on his future endeavours, so it is too early to comment on this topic. However, Ronaldo is joining the Saudi club Al Nasser, which is the biggest deal in history. Ronaldo will be heading toward a new beginning. Let’s see how this goes on. 

End Note: 

Being in the position where Ronaldo is currently sitting is not at all easy for any player. There are many great players in the world, but there is only one Ronaldo and it will stay that way until the world ends. Ronaldo is hated without any particular reason, but this doesn’t affect the fact that he is the greatest footballer to ever play the game and inspire millions. Regardless of the fact that he retires or not, he is and will always be in the hearts of millions of his fans and followers, and this love will never decrease. 




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  • Johnny
    January 29, 2023 at 1:25 pm

    The GOAT of Al Nashr!