As the sun sets for two of the most prolific and inspiring careers in the history of Football, talk about modern-day players is picking up pace. Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the most decorated players in Football. As they are edging toward the end of their prominent careers, we have to ask ourselves “Are there any players who are ready to take their place?” 

Is this assumption justified? 

Fans and Analysts can make all the comments and inferences, but if there are no supportive arguments and facts for them, then they are of no worth. The same is the case with this comparison. But instead, the facts and figures about both modern-day sensations suggest that they might someday make it in the list where Messi and Ronaldo are at the top. 

Now! Let’s take a look at the achievements of Haaland and Mbappe at such a young age. Both of them have proven themselves to be worthy of being included in comparison with the greats of the games. They have had an outstanding record in recent seasons. 

Haaland’s Brilliance: 

Haaland, after playing more than 2 seasons with Dortmund, scored more than 67 goals. This shows how lethal this player is for the opposite team. Absolute carnage and brutal for the opposition. Since his transfer to the Premier League, he has been unstoppable. 

With 14 goals in 10 games, Erling has exhibited his class up until now and has been a valuable addition to Pep Guardiola’s side.

Miraculous Mbappe: 

It would not be lame to say that Mbappe is currently the best footballer in the world. He is extremely versatile and lethal in the attack. Only the second player to score a WorldCup final hat trick, Mbappe has achieved more than any other player at his age in history or present. He has already won five domestic titles in France and has already scored over 250 goals in his short career span. This year’s World Cup has shown him as the best in the world. He is improving season upon season, and game after game. 

Will they be able to fill the boots of Messi and Ronaldo?

The answer to this question is a really intriguing one. When asked by former player Rio Mavuba about Mbappe’s place, he stated:

“In this World Cup, it’s been the transfer of power from Messi to Mbappé. Messi is still one of the greatest, maybe the best player of all time, but, at this point, Mbappé can eat at the same table as Messi.”

When Haaland was asked about his rivalry with Kylian and comparison with the Messi-Ronaldo duo, he clearly said:

“I think the media has been doing that with Ronaldo and Messi for the last 10 years and I think they’ve been pushing each other as well. I think it’s been a positive thing.”

With all the statements being made, one thing’s for sure, they are going to produce maybe not perfect as Messi-Ronaldo, but a competitive rivalry, for sure.

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