MS Dhoni, a name familiar to every cricket enthusiast around the world, especially the Sub-continent. This Indian Maestro changed the face of Indian Cricket. A front-line combat expert for his team and a lone warrior in difficult situations. 

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is thought to be the best captain that India ever produced. Let’s see why! 

MS Dhoni’s Captaincy record 

In a country full of cricketing greats, Dhoni left his mark as being the most successful leader of the Indian pack whether it was a red ball or white ball. This is how the records portray his tenure as a captain. By the way, Sachin Tendulkar was in immense favour of Dhoni being the captain.

The Tests 

In the most difficult format of the game, Dhoni captained his team with great skills. Here are his numbers: 

  • Total Matches: 60 
  • Won: 27 
  • Lost: 18 
  • Draw: 15 
  • Win Percentage: 45%

He’s played the most number of Test matches as an Indian Captain. MSD has 15 losses out of 30 away test matches during his stint as captain. This was mainly because the Indian Team during this phase was in a developmental stage for overseas Test Matches. It is not easy to win tests in England, Australia & South Africa with a developing team and no pace attack. 

The biggest moment of his test career is when he lifted the Test maze to be the number one team in the longest format of Cricket.

The ODI’s 

When it comes to One Day Cricket, no Indian captain came close to what MS Dhoni achieved. MS Dhoni was the most successful 

Indian Captain in ODI’s. He was the smartest captain India would’ve ever gotten. 

Let’s analyse his record; 

  • Total Matches: 199 
  • Won: 110 
  • Loss: 74 
  • Win Percentage: 59.57%

As the format gets shorter, Dhoni gets better and better. MS Dhoni holds the record for the most number of wins by an Indian Captain in Day Internationals. He was extremely cool, calm, and composed on the field which was his key to success. 

In his tenure as an Indian ODI Captain, Indian Cricket was once again glorified and they were crowned as the World Champions. The most precious moment for MS Dhoni was winning the One Day World Cup. Not only this, he lifted the Champions Trophy and became the only Captain to lift three ICC trophies.

The T20I’s

Dhoni was far better in T20 Internationals. Being the first captain to win the inaugural T20 World Cup was always a special feeling. He holds the record for the most Number of T20 Internationals as a captain and the most number of T20 wins as a captain. 

  • Total Matches: 72 
  • Won: 41 
  • Loss: 28
  • Win Percentage: 59.28%

This shows how phenomenal he was the captain of India’s Shortest format team. He started to captain the team when all of the team members were very young and he then took the task of developing them on the International stage.

End Note 

India was led by MS Dhoni in six finals of limited-over tournaments involving five or more teams, India won four of those.

Dhoni was always meant to achieve everything in his career. He carried the records which no other Indian was able to achieve. His commitment to the game and the country was phenomenal to see. His presence imparted an altogether different perspective to the Indian National Team and no other person can deny the fact that MS Dhoni was, MS Dhoni is, and MS Dhoni will be the greatest captain India would’ve ever produced whether it was in the past or in the future.

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