There are very few teams that can carry out the same momentum of winning for a long period in Football. But France is an exception. The French football team has been in illustrious form for the past 10 years or so. Many people doubted their ability to go far but they gave them a strong reply. 

How about we go down memory lane and catch a glimpse of how this French team has thrived in Global Football? 

The Belief in their Ability

Probably, the biggest strength of this team is their element of self-belief. They are honest with themselves about the abilities they possess and then check out every expectation set for them. When a team believes in themselves and their skills, it becomes the most deadly opposition to face. Not every team can maintain this kind of composure for this amount of time. 

Hence, it is worth a while to watch France when they put the best in them into the game and shut all those who are mocking them. 

Evolution of the French team

The best possible way to explain how France is flourishing in Football is the way they have evolved and changed their way of play according to the circumstances of the game. It has been a trend with many teams, they play, they lose confidence, they come and go, and eventually, they lay down for long period. But France has broken that ritual, and you can understand this properly by examining their performance in the 2022 Fifa World Cup Final. 

If any other team would have been there against Argentina, they would’ve choked hard. When Messi and Co were threatening to overrun the team in the final, it was difficult to believe that any other team could’ve survived that onslaught and it is obvious to believe that only the French team was able to do that. France not only stayed composed till they opened their scorecard, but the volatility they showed in their attack was a pure spectacle. 

In this decade, especially from 2016 to 2022, France has played three major finals. They were the runners-up in Euro 2016 and 2022 WorldCup finals. But their victory in the 2018 competition is sandwiched between these two defeats. 

Will Mbappe be able to continue this Golden Period for his country? 

Kylian Mbappe is inarguably the backbone of the current French team and Football setup. The answer to the above question can be found in the career that Messi has for Argentina. Mbappe has the skills and mindset required to achieve the best. Surely, if he stays focused on his and the team’s future endeavours, France is meant to be in the top tier. 

France is the best side today and this will stay the same as long as they are willing to make it stay. 

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