The Asia cup 2022 has come to an end but not after it left a surprise for all the cricket fans around the globe and specifically the Sub-continent fans as the cornered lions of Sri Lanka conquered the cup.

It’s very easy to remember that many cricket pundits had written Cornered Lions off from the teams for the final list rather they put their faith in a new team Afghanistan to lift the trophy other than that everyone was primarily ready for an India-Pakistan final.

Why the Cornered Lions?

A well-known statement of the cornered tigers was given by Ex- Pakistan captain Imran Khan during the semi-finals of the Benson and Hedge cricket world cup 1992, when his team had nothing to lose, and ultimately that WC  was won by Pakistan.

In the case of Sri Lanka, the scenario seemed no different, their country was under crisis, their team was struggling and seemed nowhere near to winning the title and they were badly cornered by the fans around the world.

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What changed the fortune of the Islanders?

Well to no surprise, an ignition was required for the Sri Lankan team to fire and that was gleefully provided by a statement by the Bangladesh team director in which he stated: “I see no world-class bowler in Sri Lankan line up”. 

Upon this Ex-Sri Lankan captain, Mahela Jayawardena countered with a tweet that its time for the islanders to step up and show the world their potential. 

From there on, there was no looking back for team Sri Lanka.

What will this win mean to Sri Lanka?

Going into the T20 world cup, Sri Lanka now does possess some serious threat to the bigger and better sides in the world. Beating India (once) and Pakistan (twice) would have boosted their confidence to sky-high limits.

Keeping the cricketing perspective aside, Sri Lanka as a nation needed this a lot at the time of severe political tensions going around in the country. This victory would have reunited the whole nation and it was seen during the victory march of players in different areas of the country.

What’s more in store from this new Sri Lankan side?

One thing which was noted by many around the world was the teamwork of this team, as there weren’t any serious individual performances the team won it with sheer dedication and well-managed teamwork.

It’s now necessary for the world to understand that Sri Lanka now means business and is ready to be with the big boys again.

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