India defeated Pakistan by four wickets in a T20I encounter that took place on Sunday, October 23rd, at the MCG between the two traditional rivals. It is impossible where there is no controversy yet there is talk of an Indo-Pak rivalry. In the last over, when India required 16 runs, Muhammad Nawaz entered into the attack. From that point, the umpire’s choices became contentious, setting off a dramatic controversy. Have a look at what happened.

Last over Controversy

In the last over, India required 16 runs, and the captain of Pakistan has no other bowling choices than Nawaz. Nawaz bowled three overs before the final over, giving up 29 runs in those overs. In his last over, the fourth ball to Kohli, No ball on a high waist ball and six awarded a free hit, then the right-handed batter again tried for a six but was clean bowled, DK rushed, and the duo picked three that were given as byes by the umpire.

 From this point, the controversy was created on social media. According to experts, Virat Kohli played the shot while leaving the crease, hence it wasn’t a No Ball. Additionally, some claim that the ball on which he was clean bowled should be considered as a dead ball.

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Expert’s Reaction to the controversy

George Bradley Hogg former Australian cricketer have questioned the no-ball call in the final over of Pakistan vs Indian final over thriller.

Both decisions have raised questions, as the game went to the wire, with Indian clinching victory with four wickets remaining.

Former Pakistan Pacer Shoaib Akhtar also expressed his displeasure over the no-ball decision.

Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, two Pakistani pacers, also spoke on the controversial no-ball issue in A Sports’ special transmission The Pavilion.

Wasim Akram mentioned Dr. Nauman Niaz’s tweet in his show.

Our Investigation of this Controversy

We reached out to a Pakistani domestic umpire and he said:

”It is not a dead ball if you are bowled out on a free hit, it is an old rule. Under the new rules, runs will be counted until the keeper picks up the ball.”

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