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Manchester United is a major football club and is considered an important one in the English Premier League and Champions League. But the club has had an uptight history with managers. The organization is still in search of a permanent coach.

Sir Alex Ferguson was by far the most successful administrator for them but after his retirement, it became difficult for United to get a hold of any coach coming their way. Some couldn’t find results while some had trouble bonding with the team. The club not finding a solid footing has a grave impact on their recent results. Since Ferguson left, they have not been able to finish at the top of the Premier League table. 

Sacked Managers by Manchester United:

In the eight years since Ferguson left, Manchester United has changed four different managers. This reflects their poor run on the premier league table.

1. David Moyes

Moyes was considered a handpicked option by Sir Ferguson. He spent 11 years at Everton, but the burden of responsibility was too much.

Moyes signed a 6-year contract with United but it lasted only 10 months. He was sacked in April 2014. 

Stats Under Moyes:

  • Total Matches: 51
  • Win:27
  • Lost:15
  • Draw:9
  • Win Percentage: 52.94%

2. Louis Van Gaal

Van Gaal’s two years with Manchester United did not produce the desired results and his stint was not much different from Moyes. Although he served teams like the Netherlands National Team and clubs like Barca, Bayern Munich. 

Stats Under Van Gaal:

  • Total Matches:103
  • Win:54
  • Lost:24
  • Draw:25
  • Win Percentage: 52.43%

3. Jose Mourinho

After Ferguson, Jose was the only one who fared a lot better than his previous counterparts. He spent quite a deal of money on buying players like Romelu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic.

The club did not fare too well in the 2018 season of the Premier League and United also lost the FA Cup finals under him which led to his sacking midway between the 2018 seasons. He was also involved in a lot of controversies off the ground and kept getting into trouble. He was also involved in a tunnel incident which led to a heated argument between him and City Players.

Stats under Mourinho:

  • Total Matches: 144
  • Win:84
  • Lost:28
  • Draw:32
  • Win Percentage: 58.33%

4. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Gunnar had no previous illustrious career named to him while he was being appointed as manager of United. His appointment brought in a lot of players which included the nostalgic return of Cristiano Ronaldo. He spent 312 million pounds on signing new players. But this couldn’t yield results any different from Moyes and Gaal.

He was sacked in November 2021 after United lost to Watford.

Stats Under Gunnar:

  • Total Matches: 164
  • Win:90
  • Lost:38
  • Draw:36
  • Win Percentage: 54.88%

After Gunnar, Ralf Ragnick has been made the interim manager till the end 2021-22 season, but the results are not up to the mark.

Future Plans:

Manchester United is currently in talks with Erik Ten Hag. Man Utd are close to finalizing the appointment of Erik ten Hag their new manager; A deal is not done and United’s stance is that the process is still underway with multiple candidates. But it is imminent that they would go for Erik.

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