The 2022 Commonwealth games are on the verge of being commenced in the versatile city of Birmingham. Although the games initially ought to be played in Durbin, South Africa, the stint couldn’t be pulled off due to Financial Constraints. The event will be played from 28th July to 8 August.

Let’s take a look at some crucial aspects of this sporting spectacle.


Birmingham 2022 will be played at 15 venues scattered across West Midland Regions, and stadiums located in the city. With the inclusion of Cricket in the games, Edgbaston cricket ground will also be used for women’s events.

Participating Countries:

As of now, a total of 72 Commonwealth nations have confirmed their involvement. With a total of 5054 athletes taking part in them, this year’s competition will be full of action.

Sports to be played: 

The total number of sporting categories is nearly 20 with the inclusion of Women’s cricketing events, para table tennis along with beach volleyball. Although there was a suggestion to include archery and exclude shooting from the competition, no decision has yet been made.

History and Medals:

Australia is a force to reckon with at the Commonwealth Games with a total of 932 Gold medals. England stands at 2nd position with 714 and Canada at Third with 484 Gold medals.

Among the Asian sides, India has fared a lot better than all the other ones in the region with 181 Gold medals to its name. 


This year’s Commonwealth Games will be one to observe as we’ll see a lot of new nations and athletes competing fearlessly against each other and we hope that this will be a good omen for the sports of the world in these hard times.

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